About Aggarwal Nursing Home

Aggarwal Nursing Home is a state-of-the-art multi specialty hospital providing a depth of expertise in the complete spectrum healthcare services with a comprehensive mix of inpatient and outpatient services. Aggarwal Nursing Home , a complex of Nursing Home, General Hospital and Charitable and the  Unit was started Dr.S.P.Aggarwal and Dr.Manju Aggarwal in 1977(On 2nd Feb 1980 Dr.S.P.Aggarwal Sudden  Death Dr.Manju Aggarwal Continuous the patient Service and found the best Goal Of our experience and social service .In Fact  Dr.Manju Aggarwal have many soft skills Like Soft Spoken Lady doctor and kind Hearted and very intelligent According to profession).The Institution is situated in the North of Delhi, well away from the pollution and noise and crowd  of Delhi. The big good parking place and a well managed neat and clean canteen enhances the beauty of the hospital.

We take pride for offering multidisciplinary medical care and service excellence which is achieved through an ideal blend of medical brilliance, personalized care and research which focus on developing quality improvement interventions. A Team of Qualified Doctors & healthcare professional, backed by our State of the Art Facilities and Equipment, are made available to provide you with the best quality patient care. Aggarwal Nursing Home  is dedicated to provide competitive, accessible and affordable world-class healthcare services. With latest technology, multi-disciplinary capability, state of the art facilities, world class infrastructure and excellent patient care ambience and processes.Aggarwal Nursing Home  is undoubtedly one of the most advanced and progressive healthcare institution in this part of the Delhi.

Well equipped with latest scientific equipments and operating instruments. This is a multi-specialty Hospital having well established practice in Medicine, . There is a very good backing of fully equipped Operation Theatre, Labour Wards with good Ultrasound,Proper Anesthesia facilities by experts and experienced Anesthetists.

The Casualty Department provides 24 hours emergency service for serious patients managed by expert, well trained Resident doctors under the supervision of senior Consultants. Ambulance service is also available round the clock in the Hospital. The Hospital has a good team of full time highly qualified experienced Consultants most of them having Indian highest qualification in their respective specialty. Most of the Senior Consultants are living in the campus giving full coverage and satisfaction to the patients. The Senior Consultants are helped by a large group of efficient qualified Senior and Junior Resident doctors.